Some third party library jars are required to be downloaded before the project can be compiled and executed. Download the following jars and place in the ./public_html/WEB-INF/lib directory:

To build the example .war for deployment in a web container (e.g. Tomcat) you will need to have Apache Ant installed. Once installed, make sure the ant executable is on your PATH, and run the following command from the directory containing this readme.html file:

ant product

Once this successfully builds you will find the .war file in the war directory.


To execute the example project you will need to drop the .war file into a web container. To deploy into Apache Tomcat simply copy the .war file into the Tomcat webapps directory, and if Tomcat is running the .war will be extracted. Once extracted you will need to make some configuration changes in the file found in the [tomcat]/webapps/restclient/WEB-INF directory.

You will be able to access the application via http://localhost:8080/restclient/login (if using default Tomcat port)