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Release Notes for Equella 6.5-Stable

6.5-Stable is the initial Open Source version of Equella, coupled with features and bug fixes that have been worked on over the past year. Open Source changes have focused on scrubbing the code to align with open source licensing. The build process was also overhauled to use sbt (Simple Build Tool) and not require an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to build / develop code.

This document is meant to detail the functional changes exposed to the user experience. Backend changes and testing notes are in the release-testing-guides for this release - see 6.5-Stable Release Testing Guide.

Office Integration Download Removed

Tracked in issues #98 and #102. Equella has the ability integrate with Microsoft Office products to enable a smoother editing experience. Due to licensing issues, and the inherit issues of using an older interop DLL on more modern installs of Office, the download of the Office Integration msi package has been removed from the Equella Web UI, and the DLL in question have been removed from the git repo. The functionality is still useful, so conceptual documentation has been provided for users to build and access this functionality as needed.

Centralized Documentation

Tracked partially in issues #25, #101, and #104. All Equella documentation has been moved into the repo. This includes the integration / scripting pack historically available from the Server Admin Download page

HTML Editor Plugins

Tracked in issue #100. These plugins have been moved into the under example scripts.

Start Scripts are by Default, Executable

Tracked in issue #96. The Linux scripts to run Equella now automatically are set to be executable.

Backend changes to build process, dependencies, and commercial terminology

In order to create a more streamlined application that is not tied to an IDE, the Equella build process has been changed from ANT to SBT. In order to align with the open source model, several dependencies were removed or changed, as well as hard-coded words denoting the last commercial owner and last commercial website of Equella were removed. Any functional differences have been called out in this document.

Check for new EQUELLA versions

The “Health” tab of the server administrator pages contains a check for newer versions of EQUELLA.

Conversion Service Library Changed

Tracked in issue #56. The conversion service for Office MIME types has been switched to a different solution (Tika) to align with overall licensing goals. The conversion results are not as clean as they used to be, so enhancements are welcome!

The ‘do not reply’ Email Address of the Equella Mailer can now be Configured

Tracked in issue #72. System admins can now configure the ‘do not reply’ email address via the Server admin pages

Hosted Site for Upgrade Binaries Removed

Tracked in issue #74. Historically, the Equella Manager had the option to pull Equella upgrade binaries from a centralized server. This functionality has been removed. Upgrade binaries will be tracked in the github Equella releases tab.

Default LTI External Tool Contact for Equella is now Configurable

Tracked in issue #71. When an LTI attachment is added to an item, at times it’s considered ‘default’, and historically, a default consumer contact email of was used. Now, you can configure this behavior by adding into

Kaltura is Optional

Tracked in issue #55 / #107. The Kaltura Java client API is not Apache-license-friendly. It was moved into it’s own repo, but can be integrated back into Equella per client by building the Equella and Kaltura source repos together into an upgrade binary. Additional effort is noted to turn this into truly a ‘drop in’ plugin.

Oracle DB Driver is Optional

Due to licensing issues, the Oracle DB Driver cannot be included in the standard build process. Use of an Oracle DB can be achieved by editing the build configuration, and then generating a new set of Equella binaries.

Equella No Longer Supports eCommerce

eCommerce has been removed from Equella.

Custom Salt for Passwords

Equella now supports passing in the equella.salt property to salt passwords with. The default is the original, hardcoded salt.

No License Needed

Equella no longer requires an ‘Equella License Key’ to run.


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