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openEQUELLA schema design

Looking at the openEQUELLA database schema can make someone who has to write queries against it shake their head and say “This doesn’t make sense, why was it designed like this?”.

The short answer is that the openEQUELLA schema wasn’t actually designed. At least not in the form that you see from the SQL perspective!

The database schema is generated automatically from an Object Relation Mapping library called Hibernate. Which hides a lot of the underlying schema details and presents you with more of a Java perspective of your data.

The decision to use Hibernate has its good and bad points:



openEQUELLA schema peculiarities

Edalex Reporting database schema

Edalex has developed a separate reporting database schema and tool which addresses all of the issues listed above and gives you a much more intuitive view of your openEQUELLA data. This tool is only available to Edalex clients. They can access it through their support portal.